Tuesday, August 26, 2014


I admitted to myself recently that I may have become addicted to the feed of possibly useful but probably useless information that I read daily on my Facebook news feed, and decided to create a new challenge for myself as soon as my #100daysofhappinesschallenge and my #30dayabschallenge oh and let's not forget... the #icebucketchallenge (with a #twistoflime) that I have been "nominated" for twice in the last 24... 30 or something hours, so I am going to use the next 20 (I think) days or so talking about all the random stuff I learn from Facebook each day (while logging in to update my social network (full of everyone I never see, unfortunately)).  Then, I will begin a 100 day journey into what I might have been like at this ripe, young age of 29 had the phenomenon of Facebook never been created.

We (aka my generation, whatever that is) remember... We remember what it was like to "accept" our first ever Facebook "friend request" (via email right?  Oh but we remember back to what it was like to "accept" our first ever Myspace "friend request".  We also remember the first time we were "poked", well, maybe not by whom we were "poked", but you remember that dirty feeling of, "eww, why the hell is he "poking"me, what did I do to him?!"... Oh my how these times, they are a' changin'!

To start this splendiferous new blog off on the right track, with no theme or design or customization AT ALL, why not start a challenge with a challenge?!  More specifically, the ALS #icebucketchallenge with a #twistoflyme!  Once you watch this video, join me in all of these awesome challenges, including the #100daysNOFacebookChallenge - wow if THIS one takes off, the powers that be (Facebook) are not going to be very happy about it, but wouldn't it be cool to remember (or learn) what it was like in the world before Facebook (and Myspace)... the importance of a firm handshake,  eye contact, general "people skills"?  I want to remember what it felt like to look at a cell phone without getting sucked into the world that's on my news feed because there was no "news feed"... (I read entirely too many random articles and I think I'm addicted to possibly useful but probably totally useless info or maybe just the research of the info)....  I also want to enjoy a creative adventure during the 100 days by completing as many creative goals as I feel inspired to complete between blogging, writing, reading, drawing, cooking, even crochet-ing, and definitely more puzzle-ing with my honey!

Join me on the journey beginning Sept. 15th (or sooner if you want to beat me to it, although I'm sure I'm not the only one who has done this and written about it, someone probably wrote a book about removing themselves from the world of online social networking or maybe even the whole, entire world of the web, forever and ever, but I like to set reasonable goals!)! #100daysNOFacebookChallenge - If someone already started this, great minds think alike and you're a genius and... apparently I somehow missed your Facebook deprivation, oh, because you weren't on Facebook?  I was a comedian in a past life, you can see it in my smile.

Let's get old skool, early 2000s pre-Facebook/Myspace life a whirl to remember all the good, but maybe even more importantly, to see all the good that comes from today's social networking sites, i.e. pictures of my ever-growing nieces and nephews in a jiffy when I go for over a year without getting to hug them since we are on opposite sides of the country,  sharing pictures of my "new life" on the West Coast with all of my life-long friends thousands of miles away and vice versa, also in a jiffy, gone are the days of pen pals, and lost (right?) is the art (or annoyance depending on your preference) of cursive handwriting.  It will be so weird if (when?) during the #100daysNOFacebookChallenge I make a new friend and they tell me to "add" them or if someone "deletes" me from their online world and I never even know about it because I stopped getting on Facebook because of the #100daysNOFacebookChallenge.  I remember when people said, "CALL" me... then we progressed to "text me" and now isn't it pretty much always, "add me" or "Facebook me"?  OR "Tweet me (what? is that a thing?)" or Instagram, ummm... I don't know how to Instagram anyone really because I have a Windows phone.
Anyhow, no request for admirable, charitable donations on this one, just that you give it a shot and share your experience as part of the human network that is our reality.  The challenge may not be completely "unplugging" or going "off the grid", but it's enough to get a taste of what life would have been like without that grid.  While I may have spent more time with friends and loved ones in person, and I would have never known what it felt like to feel obligated to "approve" someone as a "friend" on Facebook simply because you both know the same person... I'm sure there are lots of good things that would have come from a lack of online social networking sites, but on the flip side, I wouldn't get to watch my nieces and nephews grow so easily, I wouldn't have challenged myself to so many awesome challenges, and I probably would have never known ALS existed (I'm sure I'm not the only one)! So cheers to you Facebook!

#100daysNOFacebookChallenge - September 15th, 2014!

Here we go!
#icebucketchallenge #twistoflyme #100daysNOFacebookChallenge

T. S. Hori

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